Both the Malta Marathon and Half Marathon are held in accordance to the World Athletic Technical and Competition regulations. All times are recognised and accepted by prestigous marathons, such as Boston, Berlin, Comrades, etc, etc,.

The Malta Marathon is a near-miracle, taking place on a tiny island of only 122 square miles. The 2020 Malta Marathon was once again held after the 2019 Malta Marathon was forced to be cancelled due to the unthinkable happened. The 2019 was cancelled for the first time in 34 years when a storm, the like of which was never seen in Malta, stuck on marathon day. Then came Covid and the 2021 and 2022 Malta Marathon was not held but in 2023 the Malta Marathon was back to continue the legacy that started in 1986.

The Malta Marathon & Half Marathon routes have changed many times over the years since the inaugural Malta Marathon which was held in 1986. Faster and less traffic congested roads have always been sought, hence the changes. The 2020 saw some change to the routes used since The routes selected have been found to be the best when considering Malta’s geographical layout and size. The routes both start from outside Mdina, Malta’s previous capital and finish in Sliema with a drop of 195 metres from start to finish.

The Malta Marathon and Half Marathon records are as follows:

Malta Marathon

Male: 2:13:18

Female: 2:36:51

Most participants on race day: 881

Malta Half Marathon

Male: 1:02:50

Female: 1:13:50

Most participants on Race day: 3,430

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Both the Full and Half Marathons are predominantly downhill, starting at 195m and ending up at sea level. On a good day, records are bound to be broken. In 2023 both the Ladies and men’s Malta Marathon records were broken.

Start address: Mdina, Malta

Finish address: Sliema, Malta


Route map