2024 HLA Wuxi Marathon
Entry Notes

Ⅰ. Basic information about the race  

(Ⅰ)Race date and departure time

24 March 2024, 7:00

(Ⅱ)Event race

Marathon (42.195 km),Half Marathon(21.0975 km),Happy Run(4 km)


Ⅱ. Qualification  

(Ⅰ)Age requirements

  1. Marathon race, aged above 20 (born in 2004 or before)
  2. Half marathon race, aged above 18 (born in 2006 or before)
  3. Happy run race, aged above 8 (born in 2016 or before)

Cautions: Minors under the age of 18 who register to participate in the event must be present at the same time with their guardian or legal representative when check in, and their guardian or legal representative must sign the Participation Notes and Underage Insurance Notification on the site before they can collect the race kits and participate in the event. Minors under the age of 13 shall register for happy run race and their guardian or legal representative must register for the same event and accompany them to participate in the happy run race. Otherwise, the race kits will not be distributed and the roll-call will not be recorded. Athletes aged 65 and above should enhance their health assessment.

(II)Requirement for the physical status of athletes

Marathon and related sports is a sport that constantly challenges athletes’ own limits and has certain risks. If the movement is improper, may cause different degrees of physical injury, or even endanger life. Therefore, athletes should be in good health and have a regular basis of running exercise or training. Moreover, athletes should undergo physical examination in qualified formal medical institutions, and evaluate their physical condition based on the physical examination report to confirm whether they can participate in marathon and related sports events.

People with the following physical conditions should not participate in the event:

  1. Congenital heart diseases and rheumatic heart diseases
  2. Hypertension and cerebral vascular diseases
  3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases
  4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia
  5. Diabetes with hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia
  6. Have a cold within two weeks before the race
  7. Drinking too much alcohol or not getting enough sleep the night before the race
  8. Pregnancy
  9. Other diseases unsuitable for sports.

The organizing committee requires each athlete to have a physical examination in a hospital at or above the county level before the event. Only those who are in good health can participate in the competition. Otherwise, the athletes shall bear the responsibility for the personal damage and property loss caused by their own health or other personal reasons.

Ⅲ. Entry-related information  

(Ⅰ)Time of entry

Wednesday, 27 Dec 2023, 10:00 – Saturday, 6 Jan 2024, 17:00

(Ⅱ)Time for publicizing the lot-drawing results

Friday, 12 Jan 2024

(Ⅲ)Time of payment

Friday, 12 Jan 2024 – Wednesday, 17 Jan 2024

(IV)Entry fee/donation fee

  1. Entry fee

The following prices are official reference prices for the competition. The actual prices are based on the real-time exchange rate between HKD and CNY.

Race Chinese nationality

(including HK, MO, TW)

Marathon RMB 200 yuan
Half marathon RMB 200 yuan
Happy run RMB 100 yuan


(V)Way of entry

  1. The entry limit for marathon is 22,000, half marathon is 8,000, and happy run is 3,000. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, the method of drawing lots and waiting will be adopted to obtain the qualification.
  2. Each race will allocate 20% of its quota for the first round of the draw to select athletes who retained the quota to 2024. Among them, there are 4,400 athletes in marathon race, 1600 athletes in half marathon race and 600 athletes in happy run race. If they fail to win the first draw, they will continue to participate in the second draw of the remaining places.

2.1 Athletes who retain their registration must re-register from 27 Dec 2023 to 6 Jan 2024, 17:00, otherwise they will be deemed to have abandoned their eligibility for the draw.

2.2 Athletes with the same new registration group as the original retention group do not need to pay the registration fee again after the draw result is announced.

2.3 If the new registration group is not consistent with the original retention group, the athlete must pay again at the specified time after the draw result is announced, and the original registration fee shall be returned on the official website or the official mini program after the registration is completed.

Due to the long period of the original reservation, the system cannot initiate the original refund. For runners who have not registered for the 2024 Wuxi Marathon or changed groups, please click the “Reservation registration refund” button on the official website or the official mini program to register an Alipay account, so that we can arrange a refund for you.

  1. Entry process: Visit the event official wesite, complete the corresponding registration operations according to the page requirements, wait for the lottery results, pay and obtain the participation quota or waitlist qualification.
  2.  Method of lotting: The result of lotting will be announced on 12 Jan 2024, and winning athletes the waiting number of unwinning athletes will be selected once. Athletes can log on to the official website after announcing the result of the draw.6. Candidates who accept the waiting queue also need to pay the entry fee before 17:00, 17 Jan 2024, otherwise it will be regarded as giving up the waiting opportunity, and the waiting number will not be kept.(1) Alternate mechanism(2) Refund rulesAthletes who fail to wait up after 3 Mar 2024 will be automatically retained to register for the next event, and can still apply for withdrawal from the official website at any time. Refund method as above. In case of postponement or cancellation of the event, the organizing committee will open a certain period of full exit period for all athletes, and the waiting period of refund will be extended according to the new time of the event.1. Athletes who have registered for any event of Wuxi Marathon for 7 or more times from 2014 to 2023 and have obtained the qualification of any race(excluding those who apply for a refund after obtaining the quota) can be exempted from the lottery and directly get the qualification.

(VI)Lotting rules

  1. The charity quota service will expire. Refund application will not be accepted once entry is confirmed.
  2. Athletes can click the “Exit Registration” button on the page of registration details to apply for refund by themselves. 80% of the registration fee will be refunded if you withdraw before 23 Feb 2024(inclusive), and 50% of the registration fee will be refunded if you withdraw between 23 Feb 2024 and 3 Mar 2024 (inclusive). The Organizing Committee will handle the refund within one week after receiving the withdrawal application. No withdrawal can be accepted after 3 Mar 2024.
  3. If the candidate does not continue to participate in the alternate, he/she can withdraw from the alternate on the official website.
  4. Alternate and exiting:
  5. The winning candidate must pay the entry fee before 17:00 on 17 Jan 2024. Otherwise it will be regarded as giving up the entry qualification automatically, and the quota will be released to the candidate whose waiting number is smaller after 10:00 on 18 Jan 2024.
  6. There are 300 charity quota for marathon and 200 for half marathon. After the deadline, the athletes who choose the charity quota can be exempted from the lottery and directly get the qualification for the race. Once the quota is confirmed, withdrawal will not be accepted.
  7. The top 100 male/femalemarathon athletes of all age groups will go through to 2024 Wuxi Marathon. The top 50 male/femalehalf marathon athletes of that will go through, too. The quantity is as follows:
Group Marathon Half marathon
Male Female Male Female
Under 34 100 100 50 50
35-39 100 100 50 50
40-44 100 100 50 50
45-49 100 100 50 50
50-54 100 100 50 50
55-59 100 100 50 50
60-64 100 100 50 50
Above 65 100 100 50 50

All go-through performance will be ranked according to the performance data of any “A1 event” certified by CAA and held between 1 Jan 2021 and 1 Dec 2023, which can be found on the “Chinese Marathon” website.

8.According to the performance data of any marathon event between 1 Jan 2021 and 1 Dec 2023, certified by CAA, which can be found on the “Chinese Marathon” website, the athletes with the best performance less than 3 hours and 5 minutes in marathon race or 1 hour and 30 minutes in half marathon race will go through to 2024 Wuxi Marathon.

9. Elite athletes, official pacers, title sponsors, sponsors, partners and official media will be uniformly allocated by the organizing committee.

(VII)The measures for the disabled athletes’ entry

The methods for disabled athletes to register for this event shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Notice on Disabled Athletes Participating in National Marathon and Related Sports Events on the official website of CAA:

  1. As the course conditions do not allow, there will be no wheelchair racing group and wheelchair athletes are not allowed to participate in the race.
  2. Athletes with disabilities (including non-racing wheelchairs) must meet the age and health requirements of all athletes in 2024 Wuxi Marathon, pay the entry fee according to the entry requirements, and participate in the unified entry lottery after the excess.
  3. Before starting the race, athletes with visual impairment, hearing impairment, intellectual disability and upper limb disability and able-bodied athletes will gather and check in at the corresponding area. Non-racing wheelchair athletes and athletes with baby strollers shall assemble and register at the back of the assembly area of the happy run and start the race in unity.
  4. In order to ensure the safety of all athletes in the race, a visually impaired athlete must be accompanied throughout the race. Other disabled athletes and non-wheelchair athletes are also recommended to invite a companion athlete to participate in the race. Companion athletes should be selected from the official athletes registered in this event, or apply to the organizing committee for assistance in recruiting companion runners.


Ⅳ. Check in  

(Ⅰ)Check in time

21 Mar 2024, 10:00-20:00

22 Mar 2024, 10:00-20:00

23 Mar 2024, 9:00-21:00

There is no on-site check-in on the morning of the race day, please make reasonable arrangements.

(Ⅱ)Check in place

Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center

(Ⅲ)Credentials for check in

  1. Mainland Chinese athletes must present the original ID card of the second generation within the validity period.
  2. Athletes from Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China) must hold the original Exiting Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents.
  3. Taiwan Chinese athletes must hold the original Taiwan Resident Travel Permit to and from Mainland China.
  4. Non-Chinese athletes must hold the original passport.
  5. For minors without ID cards, their guardians or legal representatives shall carry the original guardian’s certificate and the original household registration book with the athletes to go through the check-in procedures.

*With regard to those who do not have the above-mentioned certificates will be refused to issue the race kits.

(Ⅳ)Notes for check-in

The race kits must be collected by the athletes themselves. The identity of the athletes will be verified one by one through face recognition technology. The organizing committee will refuse to issue the race kits to the athletes if the person and the ID are inconsistent.

(Ⅴ)Notes for check-in and mailing

  1. For those who cannot come to check in, please pay attention to the announcement on the official website after the event within 10 days and choose the race kits other than the number bib, chips and the name badge. The cost incurred shall be borne by the athletes themselves.
  2. Chips, number bibs and event wristbands only can be collected by the athlete himself. Athletes must carry valid original credentials to collect race kits. Athletes will be checked for certificates, such as do not match. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse to issue race kits. There is no race kits collection on the race day morning. Athletes must arrive at the right place within a specified time to collect race kits.
  3. Clothing sizes will not be collected during entry. Clothing sizes will be distributed according to the event distribution and application order, on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. If the athlete wants to change the clothing size due to personal reasons, the original package can be changed at the check-in site. If the original package is opened, it cannot be changed.
  1. No race kits will be collected on behalf of the athletes in this event.

(Ⅵ)Notes for the event wristband

Race wristband is playing important credentials, get the finish souvenirs. It will be worn on for athletes by staff at the scene of the check-in. Athletes are not allowed to remove, damaged, transfer events wristband. Otherwise the organizing committee shall have the right to refuse athletes to enter the starting area. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse to issue finish souvenirs to athletes with obvious signs of damaged wristband.

VII. Contacts of the Organizing Committee  

(I)Service Tel: 400-99-42195 Ext. 1

(Work Time: 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday, also available on event days)

(II)Email:[email protected]


Wuxi Marathon Organizing Committee

FringeBacker Events Team

December, 2023











  1. 馬拉松項目年齡限20周歲以上(2004年及以前出生);
  2. 半程馬拉松項目年齡限18周歲以上(2006年及以前出生);
  3. 歡樂跑項目年齡限8周歲以上(2016年及以前出生);





  1. 先天性心臟病和風濕性心臟病患者;
  2. 高血壓和腦血管疾病患者;
  3. 心肌炎和其他心臟病患者;
  4. 冠狀動脈病患者和嚴重心律不齊者;
  5. 血糖過高或過低的糖尿病患者;
  6. 比賽日前兩周以內患過感冒者;
  7. 賽前一晚大量飲酒或睡眠不足者;
  8. 孕婦;
  9. 其他不適合運動的疾病患者。




2023年12月27日(星期三)10:00 – 2024年1月6日(星期六)17:00




2024年1月12日(星期五)(抽簽結果公佈時)– 2024年1月17日(星期三)17:00



項目 中國籍(含港澳台) 外國籍
馬拉松 人民幣200元 人民幣450元
半程馬拉松 人民幣200元 人民幣450元
歡樂跑 人民幣100元 人民幣225元


  1. 馬拉松項目限報22000人,半程馬拉松項目限報8000人,歡樂跑項目限報3000人。各項目報名人數超過限報名額後,參賽資格獲取將採取抽簽加候補辦法。
  2. 2023年選擇保留報名至2024年的運動員將參與組委會預留的賽事各項目額定人數20%的名額的首輪抽簽,其中馬拉松項目4400人,半程馬拉松項目1600人,歡樂跑項目600人。如首次抽簽未中簽,繼續參與剩餘名額的二次抽簽。




  1. 報名流程: 訪問賽事官方,根據頁面要求完成相應報名操作,等待抽簽結果,支付並獲得參賽名額或者候補資格。
  2. 抽簽方法:抽簽結果將於2024年1月12日公佈,一次性抽選出中簽運動員及未中簽運動員的候補代碼。報名運動員在公佈抽簽結果後可登錄賽事官方網站查詢。
  3. 中簽運動員需要在2024年1月17日17:00前支付報名費,否則視作自動放棄參賽資格,該名額將在2024年1月18日10:00後釋放給候補序號靠前的運動員。
  4. 接受候補排隊的未中簽運動員也需要在2024年1月17日17:00前支付報名費,否則視作自動放棄候補機會,候補序號不予保留。
  5. 候補及退出報名:









  1. 在2014至2023年成功舉辦的九屆無錫馬拉松中,報名七屆及七屆以上無錫馬拉松任意比賽項目且獲得參賽資格的運動員(不包括獲得參賽名額後申請退款的運動員)可免於抽簽,直接獲得參賽資格。
  2. 本次賽事馬拉松項目開放300慈善名額,半程馬拉松項目開放200個慈善名額,報滿截止,選報慈善名額的運動員可免於抽簽,直接獲得參賽資格。慈善名額一經確認,不接受退出。
  3. 在報名本屆賽事馬拉松項目的所有選手中分年齡段、性別按個人馬拉松最好成績進行排名,每個年齡段男女前100名的運動員將直通2024無錫馬拉松。在報名本屆賽事半程馬拉松項目的所有選手中分年齡段、性別按個人半程馬拉松最好成績進行排名,每個年齡段男女前50名的運動員將直通2024無錫馬拉松。按2024減出生年劃分年齡組,各項目具體直通人數如下:
組別 半程馬拉松 馬拉松
34歲以下 50 50 100 100
35-39歲 50 50 100 100
40-44歲 50 50 100 100
45-49歲 50 50 100 100
50-54歲 50 50 100 100
55-59歲 50 50 100 100
60-64歲 50 50 100 100
65歲以上 50 50 100 100


  1. 報名馬拉松項目的運動員,根據其“中國馬拉松”網站可查詢到的任意經田協認證為“A1類賽事”且舉辦日期在2021年1月1日至2023年12月1日的賽事中,馬拉松項目最好成績在3小時5分鐘(不含)以內的;或者半程馬拉松項目最好成績在1小時30分鐘(不含)以內的,直通2024無錫馬拉松。報名時無需上傳成績證明,組委會將在預報名工作結束後向“中國馬拉松”網站集中查詢選手歷史成績。
  2. 特邀運動員、官方配速員、冠名商、贊助商、合作夥伴、官方媒體由組委會統一分配相關數量的參賽名額。

(七) 殘疾人運動員報名參賽辦法


  1. 由於賽道條件不允許,本次比賽不設競速輪椅組別,不允許競速輪椅運動員參加比賽。
  2. 殘疾人(包括非競速輪椅)運動員報名時須達到2024無錫馬拉松各項目的參賽者年齡和健康要求,根據報名要求交納報名費,並在報名參賽人員超額後參加統一的報名抽簽。
  3. 起跑前,視力障礙、聽力障礙、智力殘疾以及上肢殘疾的運動員與健全人運動員一起在相應的分區集結、檢錄。非競速輪椅運動員、推嬰兒車參賽的運動員須在歡樂跑項目集結區後部集結、檢錄,比賽時統一出發。
  4. 在比賽中,為保障所有參賽者安全,視力障礙須有伴跑者全程伴跑,其他殘疾運動員及非競速輪椅運動員也建議邀請伴跑者一同參賽。伴跑者須從本賽事報名中簽的正式運動員中選擇,也可向組委會申請協助招募伴跑者。










  1. 中國大陸籍運動員須持有效期內的二代居民身份證原件;
  2. 中國香港、中國澳門籍運動員須持港澳居民來往內地通行證或港澳居民居住證原件;
  3. 中國臺灣籍運動員須持臺灣居民來往大陸通行證或臺灣居民居住證原件;
  4. 非中國籍運動員須持護照原件;
  5. 未成年運動員,須由其監護人或者法定代理人持監護人證件原件、身份證或戶口名簿原件,攜運動員本人辦理領物手續。





  1. 因故無法參賽的運動員,可在賽後10日內通過賽事官網申請除號碼布、晶片、名牌徽章以外參賽物資的郵寄服務,由此產生的郵寄費用由運動員自理,具體申領方式請在賽後關注官網公告。
  2. 運動員晶片、號碼布、賽事手環只能由運動員本人親自領取,運動員須本人攜帶有效身份證件原件進行領取,現場將會對運動員與證件進行核對,如不匹配,組委會有權拒絕向其發放參賽物品,比賽日當天早晨不設置現場領物,運動員須在指定時間內到達指定地點領取參賽物品;
  3. 報名時不收集運動員服裝尺碼,服裝尺碼會根據賽事發放情況和申請順序發放,先到先得,盡可能滿足運動員需求,不保證每位都能獲得想要的尺碼。
  4. 運動員因個人原因想更換服裝尺碼,原包裝未拆封的可在領物現場進行更換,原包裝拆開的恕無法進行更換。
  5. 本次賽事不接受代領。




(一)客服電話:400-99-42195 轉 1


(二)電子郵件:[email protected]


FingeBacker 團隊