Knarvikmila is Norway’s most magnificent running event. This year, KnarvikMila takes place at the beginning September.

KnarvikMila is more than one race and more than a single distance. It is also more than a sports event. This is a week filled with cultural and sports events.

See our programme for more information and take a look at our different distances. KnarvikMila was founded in 1982 by initiator and enthusiast Helge Brekke and is arranged by the athletic association FIL-AKS77. Since 1982, thousands of feet have run along roads and tracks in Knarvik for a week every autumn. In 2022, 500 volunteers worked to create a memorable event for 6000 participants.

Without a group of volunteers extending far beyond the members of the athletic association it would be impossible to pull off the event that KnarvikMila has become: a whole week of activities including a conference, concerts and trade fair.

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The route at the Half Marathon starts and finishes at the same place inside Knarvik Stadium. The trail goes on the road in Knarvik and into the Brekkeløypa. There is gravel in Brekkeløypa. The rest of the trail is on asphalt. There are 8 drinking stations on the trail. After the finish inside the Knarvik stadium, there is water and bananas. The trail is well marked and there are about 20 trail guards on the trail. The Red Cross will also be in place at Knarvik Stadium and on the trail. The trail will be car-free. NOTE! The half-marathon is 4 laps of the 5km course. In addition, 1097m enters the footpath towards Gjervik.

Start address: Kvernhushaugane 24, 5916 Isdalstø, Norway

Finish address: Kvernhushaugane 24, 5916 Isdalstø, Norway


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