Be part of the unique Long Course Weekend in Nieuwpoort this September and join us for the Nieuwpoort on Sunday. Whilst this event sits within a three-day triathlon, we invite swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and runners to compete together in the Friday, Saturday & Sunday events. Invite friends and training partners, bring along club members and support each other across multiple disciplines! Join us as we run through the beautiful scenic routes.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone! The Nieuwpoort Marathon welcomes participants of all abilities and backgrounds.

Is it for Me?

The Nieuwpoort Marathon is inclusive and welcomes participants of all abilities. Our briefings are informative and instructive, and you’ll have regular opportunities to stop at aid stations throughout the run. Race or run with us at the Nieuwpoort Marathon. Course cut off is 5 hours 30 minutes for the 42,2km.

Whats the Course Like?

The Nieuwpoort Run is the final day for Long Course Weekend Belgium. The finish line has a wild atmosphere with a stunning red carpet finish for all athletes. As a spectator, you can come down to watch your loved one cross the finish line and if you come down early enough you can witness the pro’s run through to a victory. The run course takes participants through dunes and coastal landscapes that Nieuwpoort and the surrounding area is known for.

Be Part of the Long Course Weekend

Long Course Weekend is a unique festival of sport that offers an unbeatable atmosphere. Over three days athletes can choose events from three disciplines (swim, bike, run) and multiple distances to create a tailor-made weekend course for their ability or training needs. We are delighted to be able to deliver an event that attracts swimmers, cyclists, runners and triathletes together for one weekend. We encourage you to get involved with some other disciplines throughout the weekend, with the choice of a variety of distances on offer each day.

Course details

Course profile
Course surface

Course highlights

– West Front Newport
– Port de Newport
– Red carpet finish

Start address: Vismijn, Nieuwpoort, België

Finish address: Vismijn, Nieuwpoort, België

Route map