The Radisson Blu International Larnaka Marathon situated in the coastal city of Larnaka, close to the International Airport of Larnaka, on the beautiful Palm Beach Avenue (Foinikoudes), next to the salt lakes where flamingos take a breath during the fall is sure to excite every runner, from the more experienced ones to the newcomers.

The Radisson Blu International Larnaka Marathon offers several races on race day, as apart from the Marathon race, there are also a Half Marathon, a 10 km Race, 5 km City Race, 5 km Corporate Team Race and a 1 km Family Race.

All the races offer a different experience for all ages and abilities.

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The starting line of the Marathon is located in Finikoudes, at the height of the Larnaca City Hall. From the start the runners head east and from the exit of Finikoudes turn right, continuing their course until the Larnaca Nautical Club, where they make the first turnaround. In the opposite direction, the runners head to the core of the city, through Archbishop Makarios III Avenue and then cross Zenonos Kitieos, continuing their course towards the picturesque center of the city and the historic church of Agios Lazaros. After the church of Agios Lazaros, the runners cross the Turkish Cypriot districts and end up at Piale Pasia, one of the most beautiful coastal avenues of Larnaca. At the height of Piale Pasia, the runners initially head east, cross Athens Avenue and continue their course east to the Larnaca Nautical Club where they make the second U-turn. The runners then head west following the same course until they end up at Piale Pashia Avenue where they turn right. The runners continue their course west towards Artemis Avenue, run along the Larnaca Salt Lake and head to the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, where they make the 3rd U-turn. Then, the runners head to the roundabout of the airport, turn right towards Dromolaxia and make the last reversal of the race, to return to the coastal front of Piale Pasha, pass by the Medieval castle of the city and finish at Finikoudes, in front of the Larnaca City Hall.

Start address: Athenon, Larnaca, Cyprus

Finish address: Athenon, Larnaca, Cyprus


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